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Below you'll find questions frequently asked by our patients.


Q.  What do I need to bring with me for my first visit?
A.  Please bring your insurance card(s), a photo identification card, such as a driver's license, and any referrals, or authorizations that are required by your insurance company.

Q.  What forms will I need to complete prior to my first visit?
A.  We have several forms that will need to be completed prior to your first visit.  These forms will be sent to you in advance of your appointment.

Q.  Will I need to pay for any services when I arrive for my appointment?  
A.  Copayments or any other payments not covered by insurance, including deductibles or out-of-pocket expenses, need be paid at the time of service.

Q.  Do you accept checks and/or credit cards?
A.  We do accept checks.  We also accept Visa, Discover and Master cards.  We do not accept American Express cards.

Q.  Which insurance carriers do you accept?
A.  MANA participates with most of the major payers and with a variety of HMO's and other managed care organizations.   Please click on "Insurances Accepted" posted under the Quick Links section of this website to view the listing of insurance carriers we accept.

Q.  If my insurance company requires a referral or an authorization and I forget to obtain one, will I still be able to see the doctor?
A.  If you forget your referral or authorization when you arrive for your appointment, we will be unable to see you.  We can, however, reschedule you for the next available appointment, and you can obtain a referral or authorization to bring with you at that time.

Q. What can I expect during the first visit?
A. You can expect that we will ask for a urine sample before you are seated in an exam room.  After you meet your doctor, your doctor will review with you your medical history, and your current medications.  You will also receive a physical exam, and engage in a discussion about your care.  Your first appointment may last approximately an hour.

Q. Will I be seen if I am late for my appointment?
A. If you arrive late to your appointment, we may not be able to see you.  We can, however, reschedule you to the next available appointment.
Q. What will happen if I need to come back for another visit?
A. Our practice has a team approach when it comes to your medical care.  The team consists of your physician, a nurse practitioner, and you.  You may be scheduled for your follow-up visit with a nurse practitioner.  Your physician and the nurse practitioner will work together to manage your care.